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Consuming the Springs in Vichy, France

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The Vichy Spa Water Ritual

“Bonjour Monsieur et Madame,” stated the aged Frenchwoman in a singsong voice as she sat on a bench outdoors the consuming corridor within the Parc des Sources.

The park is the inexperienced coronary heart of Vichy, France, a historic French spa city three hours south of Paris.

“Bonjour,” my husband, Mark, and I replied, bobbing our heads like idiots.

French spa, Parc des Sources Vichy France
Parc des Sources – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


This every day greeting was an necessary ritual for me and Mark throughout our weeklong spa keep in Vichy, as a result of the stout outdated lady who planted herself on the bench on a regular basis was solely one who ever spoke to us.

You couldn’t precisely name Mark and me social successes in Vichy, an aristocratic French spa city as soon as favoured by Napoleon III (and the Nazis), although we tried our greatest to slot in.

Be aware: It’s not my intention to attenuate the darkish spot on Vichy’s historical past. My Vichy journey information submit talks extra about Vichy’s historical past in addition to its prime sights.

However who wants associates, proper?

Should you do wish to journey to Vichy, France, and have an interest within the great tradition of the old style French spa, what you want are suggestions in regards to the Vichy springs. The spring water is the raison d’être for this gracious, slightly-faded city within the Auvergne area of France.

That is why, in addition to the sorry story of my social humiliation, this Vichy journey weblog submit will give you loads of spa water information.

Vichy spa reality: Sure, the Vichy water you purchase on the 7-11 does come from Vichy, France.

Vichy spa reality #2: Sure, the well-known Vichy Bathe spa remedy was invented in Vichy, France.

Vichy spa reality #3: Sure, Vichy cosmetics are made with Vichy spring water.

French spa town, Vichy, France, Hall des Sources
Corridor des Sources – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


Discover the Vichy Spring Water on the Corridor des Sources

Let me say proper off that on the subject of my social shame all fingers of blame level on to the Corridor des Sources, an ethereal constructing of glass and wrought iron inbuilt 1902.

There isn’t any denying that the Corridor des Sources, or the Corridor of Springs, is a looker. While you’re inside its relatively like being below a lime-green-and-white-striped umbrella of huge proportions, however I’m undecided I’ll ever forgive it for being the ‘supply’ of my downfall.

Coolest piece of French spa trivia everCoco Channel used handy out medicinal water on the Halls des Sources in Vichy.

French spa of Vichy, France, the Hall des Source exterior
Corridor des Supply – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


The Parc des Sources in Vichy

The Corridor des Sources is positioned within the Parc des Sources, which dates again to 1812.

Should you journey to Vichy you’ll quickly study the park is the centre of the spa social world. There are historic cafes, lined iron walkways, chestnut and aircraft bushes and even an Artwork Nouveau bandstand.

Vichy, France, a famous French spa town
Thermes des Domes within the Park des Sources – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


French spa tradition: the medicinal water within the Halls des Supply of Vichy

Out of 12 Vichy springs altogether, 6 are accessible at the Halls des Supply for consuming (the opposite 6 have been closed or misplaced), and it’s right here the place the social standing traces of Vichy spa-goers are firmly drawn.

On one hand you have the Severe Spa Goer who involves Vichy to treatment. However is the dreaded class of fly-by-night water drinkers, the Spa Vacationer.

How you can acknowledge a Severe Spa Goer in Vichy

  • The Severe Spa Goer typically has silver hair, maybe a walker and outfits that are typically polyester and co-ordinated (Simply as an apart, my outfits are sometimes polyester and co-ordinated, too. I apologize, however polyester is a superb material for journey)
  • The Severe Spa Goer goes to the Halls des Sources along with his or her personal collapsable cup

How you can acknowledge a Spa Vacationer in Vichy

  • The Spa Vacationer typically travels with household in tow
  • The Spa Vacationer carries a digicam
  • The Spa Vacationer seems to be confused upon getting into the Halls des Sources
  • The Spa Vacationer drinks from an inexpensive plastic cup purchased on the dispenser within the Corridor des Sources
Celestins Spring in Vichy, France, a French spa town
On the Celestin Spring in Vichy – and why am I sufficiently small to perch on the handlebars of this bicycle? – Picture: Mark Simpson


Please don’t name me a Spa Vacationer

As I like to consider myself as a Severe Spa Goer, I used to be decided to slot in with the spa curists who drink every day on extended spa stays.

A Severe Spa Goer drinks from probably the most mineral-laden Vichy springs, relying on what well being issues they’ve.

About Vichy spa water

All of the Vichy springs comprise bicarbonate of sodium.

What’s distinction is the temperature of the water and the salt amount. There’s alkaline salts, calcium and magnesium carbonates.

Some would say it stinks with the scent of sulfur – however everybody’s entitled to their opinion.

Vichy water well being advantages

Vichy water is claimed to treatment numerous illnesses akin to digestive problems, pores and skin illnesses, arthritis and gout.

Two sides to each coin, and two sides to the Corridor des Sources

The Corridor des Sources is split into two components by a low barricade, so in the event you’re a lowly Spa Vacationer you possibly can solely look longingly on the VIP aspect of the consuming corridor, sipping your boring outdated Celestins or Lucas spring water that isn’t even naturally sizzling and is decrease in minerals.

The Severe Spa Goers mill round their aspect sipping their doctor-ordered necessary spa water in actual quantities at specified occasions of the day.

Vichy, France and Vichy water
Improper aspect of the spa tracks – Picture: Mark Simpson


The crap factor about Vichy Spa and French spas basically is that they’re geared in direction of French folks solely

Until you’re performing some form of authorities funded spa go to as a French citizen (and sure, the French authorities does fund spa going – which is one of many causes I want I have been French – the opposite being baguettes), or you might have a spa physician’s prescription, you possibly can’t partake in all of the healing spa therapies you would possibly wish to.

And you’ll’t drink from any outdated Vichy sizzling spring you select.

Vichy has many springs, however you possibly can’t drink from all of them

Mark and I had no concept of this division of spa guests to Vichy and so, on our first afternoon right here we innocently adopted two Severe Spa Goers into their half of the consuming corridor as they went by way of the door.

Instantly I used to be in Vichy springs heaven, sampling all of the springs with their totally different mineral compositions and curing all types of illnesses I didn’t know I had, akin to irregular biliary secretions. 

It’s because I’m a badass on the subject of spas and can drink any kind of non-poisonous spa water you possibly can throw at me. 

The subsequent day we skipped fortunately (okay, Mark wasn’t skipping) over to the Corridor des Sources solely to study that with no particular key card you possibly can’t enter the severe aspect of the Vichy springs consuming corridor, the aspect for skilled drinkers.

Luxury travel blogger Wandering Carol in Vichy, France, a French spa town
What’s in my cup? – Picture: Mark Simpson


My French spa rise up

Fortunately, French spa guidelines are not any match for 2 folks with very lengthy arms, so Mark and I discovered to enter the general public aspect the place the vacationers go and easily attain across the barrier to fill our cups with the heavy responsibility thermal springs akin to Hôpital, Chomel or Grande Grille

PS: Mark would have been completely tremendous with Celestins water (or beer) however then once more, he’s not a spa social climber like I’m.

He’s extra of an enabler, his predominant function was to dam me from sight whereas I snuck medicinal spa water, or to replenish my cup whereas I distracted the group by say, whistling loudly.

Parc des Source, French spa town of Vichy, France
Is that music I hear? – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


Visiting Vichy, France – don’t miss the tea dance!

One afternoon we heard music coming from the Corridor des Sources. There was a tea dance (although technically, it needs to be referred to as a mineral-water dance) happening. Clearly this was an thrilling a part of French spa tradition I wasn’t conscious of.

Chairs have been arrange on the general public aspect of the consuming corridor, a musician was singing and the Severe Spa Goers have been dancing.

It appeared that any spa curist who was anybody was there.  That is our likelihood, I assumed. Our likelihood to slot in and shine! 

“Let’s dance,” I stated to Mark. We all know the way to dance. Earlier than we bought married we’d taken a whole 45-minute free demonstration lesson on the Arthur Murray Faculty of Dance in Toronto so we may make it by way of the primary dance at our wedding ceremony reception.

One, two, three, 4, one, two, three, 4 … aspect, again, different aspect, ahead … it was all coming again to me.

Dance at Halls des Sources, Vichy, France, a French spa town
Time to par-tay! Tea dance with pained-looking husband in foreground – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


The Vichy spa-water-fuelled water dance begins

By some superb stroke of pleasure Mark agreed (clearly he’d been consuming an excessive amount of spa water and his inhibitions have been free).

We stood up and I gracefully started my one, two, three, 4 routine. For some unidentified purpose Mark launched right into a form of interpretive two-step dance that solely went forwards and backwards.

I had no concept what he was doing so I gamely continued with my one, two, three, fours whereas he rollicked on along with his staccato one two one twos. We have been like two bumper automobiles adrift in a sea of stormy spa water, endlessly crashing, rebounding and crashing once more.

Our Vichy spa demise half #1

It was social suicide. The spa-goers of Vichy are a fox-trotting waltz-loving crowd. There was just one factor to do. Snigger. After which I laughed more durable. I nearly collapsed I used to be laughing so onerous, and tears (of mineral-laden spa water, little question) have been flowing from my eyes.

“Shh! You’re embarrassing me,” Mark stated, making an attempt to hoist me up whereas I used to be busy collapsing into spasms.

“I’m embarrassing you? I’m embarrassing you?” I stated, making an attempt to sound affronted whereas additionally snorting haughtily and wiping tears from my eyes.

As a result of it wasn’t humorous It was catastrophe. My lofty spa ambitions have been crushed.

We’d had a lot going in opposition to us to begin with: We weren’t French, may barely bumble by way of the language and didn’t have private spa docs or digital key playing cards for the Halls de Sources and even our personal collapsable cups.

And now we’d by no means be capable to redeem ourselves.

French spa, Vichy, France the spa park
Would possibly as nicely go play within the spa park by ourselves – Picture: Carol Perehudoff


Then it bought worse. Vichy spa demise half #2

Deciding to drink my troubles away, I sidled round Mark, reached across the barrier and crammed my plastic cup with some comforting Grande Grille spring water. And I bought caught.

A Frenchman hustled as much as me and began shouting non! non! non! non! and rubbing his abdomen, miming that with no physician’s prescription I used to be about to a) both have a child instantly or b) change into dramatically and violently in poor health.

A mineral water habit

In the long run I used to be neither. Years of overindulging in mineral water has constructed up my tolerance.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please don’t do what I did, as a result of it may hurt you. I’m an addict and there’s no hope for me, however stick with Celestins spring water and save your self.

Mineral water addict or not, I’m nonetheless not over the embarrassment of bombing so spectacularly at the Vichy spa tea dance and neither, I’d say, is the aged Frenchwoman who used to greet us outdoors the Halls des Supply, as a result of she by no means stated “Bonjour Monsieur et Madame” with fairly the identical heat once more.



Journey suggestions for France spas and coverings in Vichy, France

Don’t let worry of creating a idiot of your self cease you from spa-ing in Vichy. It’s a beautiful place for thermal water followers.

Getting Spa Remedies in Vichy

If you wish to do spa therapies in Vichy with out seeing a health care provider you are able to do non-medicinal therapies on the deluxe Vichy Thermal Spa les Célestins.

The place to do Medical Spa Remedies in Vichy

If you wish to do medicinal therapies and drink Vichy spring water in a wholesome managed surroundings, strive the vacationer workplace, formally often called the Workplace de Tourisme et de Thermalisme, at 19 Rue du Parc.

Ask for an inventory of spa docs. Alternatively, e book a health care provider’s appointment on the Vichy Thermal Spa les Celestins. However take be aware, you normally want a great chunk of time to do a correct treatment at French spas.

Learn extra spa: at Spas and Spa Journey



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