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9 Irony Examples on Web page and Display screen

A captivating side of the human expertise, irony might be likened to a coincidence, an surprising detour, a curve ball, a plot twist, a Catch-22, or a paradox. Most individuals know irony once they see it, however it helps to have irony examples to place phrases to the literary system.

Irony happens when one thing deviates from what is predicted, however this time period may be very generally misused and misunderstood.

On this article, we’ll have a look at the three major sorts of irony, in addition to irony examples in movie, literature, and actual life that will help you incorporate it into your personal writing

It may be tough to find out whether or not or not one thing is definitely ironic or simply unhealthy luck. There are three major sorts of irony. Verbal irony, dramatic irony, and situational irony. 

Verbal irony

Verbal irony is a determine of speech the place what is alleged is reverse to what’s meant. One of these irony is commonly used rhetorically and can be utilized to convey humor, sarcasm, frustration, or anger. It depends closely on context, tone, and supply to sign the reader or listener that the speaker’s true intent is the other of what’s introduced. 

Verbal irony examples

  • Understatement: Describing one thing as a lot smaller, much less vital, or invaluable than it truly is. Instance: Saying, “It’s a bit windy out” throughout a Class 5 hurricane 
  • Litotes: A kind of understatement that emphasizes a sure high quality by negating the other. Instance: “The casserole isn’t unhealthy”
  • Double entendre: When a phrase has a double that means, typically used to subtly share inappropriate jokes that youthful readers or viewers is not going to perceive however grownup audiences will discover amusing. Instance: Saying “You look so sizzling” to somebody who’s sweating 

Dramatic irony

Dramatic irony happens when the viewers is aware of one thing the characters don’t. This type of irony creates rigidity, suspense, or humor to have interaction the viewers and add depth to the story. 

Dramatic irony examples

  • Tragic irony: When the viewers is aware of that one thing unhealthy goes to occur to the character whereas they continue to be unaware. Instance: The viewers sees a harmful prison go down an alley and the character walks the identical manner with out seeing them 
  • Comedian irony: When what the viewers is aware of however the character doesn’t result in one thing amusing. Instance: Within the present Jury Obligation, a solid of actors arrange a pretend trial, choose, and jury. One juror, Ronald, is the one one who isn’t an actor and thinks it’s a actual trial 

Situational irony

The commonest kind of irony is situational irony. With situational irony, what occurs is the other of what’s anticipated. These ironic plot twists create amusement, shock, or tragic twists of destiny. 

Examples of situational irony

  • Karma/Poetic justice: When a personality unexpectedly receives a becoming consequence. Instance: When the depraved jail warden in The Shawshank Redemption is outed for his monetary crimes by the falsely imprisoned and not too long ago escaped Andy Dufresne 
  • Fateful twist: One thing that occurs by likelihood in an odd, fascinating, or unlucky manner. Instance: The inventor of the Segway really died in a Segway accident
  • Function reversal: When a personality finds themselves in a job reverse to what’s anticipated Instance: In Dreamwork’s Megamind, the evil Megamind created a brand new superhero, Titan, so he would have somebody to problem him, however Titan turned evil and Megamind needed to grow to be the nice man to defeat him and save the town 
A fascinating aspect of the human experience, irony can be likened to a twist of fate, an unexpected detour, a curve ball, a plot twist, a Catch-22, or a paradox. Most people know irony when they see it, but it helps to have irony examples to put words to the literary device.

Irony examples in movie and literature

*spoiler alerts!*

The Twilight Zone S1 E8: Time Sufficient at Final 

On this episode of The Twilight Zone (my private favourite), a financial institution teller who desires nothing besides time to learn in peace unintentionally escapes a nuclear battle within the financial institution vault and emerges into an empty world. All that’s left standing is the general public library with sufficient books and canned meals to final him a lifetime. Simply as he settles in for a peaceable lifetime of studying, he bends over to select up his first novel, his glasses fall off his face and shatter. He now, mockingly, has on a regular basis on the planet however can by no means learn once more. That is situational irony.

Harry Potter

There are lots of cases of irony all through the Harry Potter collection. Harry believes for thus lengthy that he should kill Voldemort to save lots of himself and the wizarding world solely to seek out out that he’s the ultimate horcrux and should let Voldemort kill him as an alternative. Sarcastically, Lord Voldemort doesn’t know that in making an attempt to kill Harry as a child he turned him into the seventh horcrux and that him now killing Harry will finally result in his demise. That is dramatic irony.

Imply Women

Mean Girls meme I love your skirt, an example of verbal irony

Regina: Oh my god, I like your skirt! The place did you get it?

Lea: It was my mother’s within the 80s!

Regina: Classic, so lovely.

Lea: Thanks

(Lea leaves)

Regina: (Turns to Cady) That’s the ugliest effing skirt I’ve ever seen. 

That is verbal irony.

Les Misérables

When Jean Valjean breaks parole, he’s taken in for the night time by a humble bishop who provides him meals and shelter. Whereas the bishop sleeps, Valjean steals his valuable silver candle sticks and flees. Valjean is apprehended and introduced again to the bishop’s residence, anticipating punishment for his crime. The bishop tells the officers there was a mistake and that he had given Valjean the candle sticks as a present. The sort bishop tells Valjean to take this reward and use it to grow to be an sincere man. That is situational irony

Seinfeld S6 E7: The Soup

George: “I really feel like my outdated self once more. Completely insufficient, fully insecure, paranoid, neurotic… It’s a pleasure.” That is verbal irony.

Tuck Eternal

The Tuck household unintentionally turns into immortal by ingesting water from a spring in Treegap, New Hampshire. Through the years a person in a yellow go well with catches on to their disposition and desires the ability of immortality for himself and to promote it to make a fortune. He tirelessly pursues the Tucks to seek out the supply of the spring and mockingly is killed in his quest for immortality. That is situational irony.

The Truman Present

Truman Burbank lives an idyllic life in an idyllic metropolis. Sarcastically, he’s the one one unaware that he’s the star of a actuality TV present. Everybody he is aware of is an actor and the town is definitely a set on a sound stage. That is dramatic irony


Can I stay with you? Gif

Donkey: Can I stick with you please?

Shrek: In fact!

Donkey: Actually?

Shrek: No

That is verbal irony.


Olaf the snowman’s favourite season is summer time. That is situational irony.

Actual-life irony examples

  • The “unsinkable” Titanic sank on its first voyage
  • Simply because the Titanic ignored warnings and sank, over a century later the OceanGate submersible Titan, on its option to the wreckage web site, ignored warnings and met the identical destiny 
  • A lot of the irony examples in Alanis Morrissette’s tune “Ironic” aren’t really ironic
  • Medical doctors promoted cigarettes up till the mid-late twentieth century
  • Quick and Livid star Paul Walker died in a automobile crash
  • A fireplace station burning down
  • A police station being robbed
  • An out-of-shape private coach
  • A dentist with cavities
  • A pilot who’s afraid of heights

Irony can elevate your writing by creating layers of complexity that may provoke emotional and mental responses out of your viewers.

Including irony examples into your writing can’t solely infuse your tales with humor and suspense, but in addition make clear the injustice, absurdity, and hypocrisy of the world round us. 

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