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Oracle JDK Mission Management 9 provides darkish theme, configurable JVM browser

Oracle has launched JDK Mission Management (JMC) 9, an replace to the instrument equipment for monitoring, managing, profiling, and troubleshooting Java purposes that provides a darkish theme and makes the frequency of JVM checks configurable.

Probably the most important change is that JMC now should use JDK 17 or later to run.

JMC 9 was unveiled on April 21. Binaries may be downloaded from Whereas JMC 9 requires JDK 17 or later, it nonetheless can learn Java Flight Recorder (JFR) recordings from JDK 7u40 or later. JMC and the JFR profiling and occasion assortment framework collectively provide a instrument chain to gather runtime data for after-the-fact evaluation.

Additionally with JMC 9, JMC has been up to date to make use of the Eclipse 4.30 SDK and helps a darkish mode, which may be enabled by going to Settings > Normal > Look and choosing the “Darkish” theme. The JVM Browser has been up to date to permit customers to configure the frequency of checks for brand spanking new JVMs (go to Settings > JDK Mission Management > JVM Browser > Native).

Different modifications in JMC 9:

  • The Occasion Checkpoint Restrict has been up to date to transcend the u4 restrict, thus following a change launched to JFR in JDK 20.
  • The Occasion Browser now permits trying to find occasions by Occasion Kind ID. The ID additionally now may be displayed as a column.
  • The Flame Graph now shall be rendered utilizing Java Swing, as a substitute of utilizing an embedded browser, because it did earlier than. The transfer to Java Swing comes with graphical updates and enhancements to mannequin creation and efficiency.
  • For GraalVM customers, it now’s attainable to allow JFR on a local picture.
  • A brand new Inverted Parallelism rule checks how effectively parallel rubbish collectors execute.
  • The principles engine that routinely checks a JFR recording for efficiency bottlenecks and different points has added a couple of new guidelines.

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