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Information Fetched Quick – A Newbie’s Information to React Question

Fetching information in React usually means utilizing stale state and sophisticated caching logic.

React Question simplifies information fetching with highly effective options like automated caching, deduplication, and background updates.

Let’s discover some key options of React Question:

Declarative Information Fetching

Fetch information with the useQuery hook:

import { useQuery } from 'react-query';

perform MyComponent() {
  const { information, error, isLoading } = useQuery('posts', fetchPosts);
  // use information  

useQuery handles declaring cache keys, performing fetches, and extra.

background Refetching

React Question robotically refetches “inactive” queries within the background:

// frontend
useQuery('person', fetchUser); 

// background
// periodically refetches person

Stale information is up to date with out blocking the UI.

Request Deduplication

Duplicate requests are deduped to stop wasteful refetches:

perform PageOne() {
  useQuery('posts', fetchPosts);

perform PageTwo() {
  useQuery('posts', fetchPosts); // not duplicated

React Question shares cache outcomes throughout parts.

Optimistic Updates

Mutations can replace the cache optimistically earlier than fetching:

const mutation = useMutation(addPost, {
  onMutate: newPost => {
    // replace cache instantly 
  onError: (err, newPost, context) => {
    // rollback optimistic replace 

This makes the UI really feel quick and responsive.


  • Simplifies information fetching with useQuery
  • Refetches stale information in background
  • Deduplicates requests robotically
  • Optimistic updates make UI really feel snappy

React Question takes the ache out of async information administration!

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