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SE Radio 575: Nir Valtman on Pipelineless Safety : Software program Engineering Radio

Nir ValtmanNir Valtman, co-Founder and CEO at Arnica, discusses pipelineless safety with SE Radio host Priyanka Raghavan. They begin by defining pipelines after which contemplate add safety. Nir lays out the important thing challenges in getting good code protection with the pipeline-based strategy, after which describes implement a pipelineless strategy and the benefits it presents. Priyanka quizzes him on the idea of “zero new hardcoded secrets and techniques,” in addition to some methods to guard GitHub repositories, and Nir shares examples of how a pipelineless strategy might assist in these situations. They then talk about false positives and dealing with developer fatigue in coping with alerts. The present ends with some dialogue across the product that Arnica presents and the way it implements the pipelineless methodology.

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  7. Linkedin: valtmanir

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